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A hard fragrance to describe and certainly one of its kind. I will start by saying I really think (in my opinion) that this is not a soapy perfume in the classic sense of the word. For me, a soapy perfume is creamy and clean a la Allesandra del Acqua or maybe Jlo Glow. To me this smells salty with the other primary notes being perhaps heliotrope, nutmeg, sandalwood, maybe hyacynth but I struggle to pinpoint the notes with this. I wouldn't blind buy it again in my opinion thinking you are going to smell of banana and honeysuckle because I don't smell this at all personally. But we are all different. I really smell the saltiness, but I like it. It certainly gets compliments.

01/08/17 |  Götene , Hjälmsäter, Sweden
02/08/17 |  Nyköpingshus , Nyköping, Sweden
03/08/17 |  Musik på slott och herresäten , Sörmland, Sweden
04/08/17 |  Glommens fiskekrog , Glommen, Sweden
05/08/17 |  Vallåsens värdshus , Våxtorp, Sweden
06/08/17 |  Skultorp Church , Skövde, Sweden
07/08/17 |  Festival Interceltique – Grande Nuit de l’Ecosse , Lorient, France
18/08/17 |  Geiteberg Festival , Norway
26/08/17 |  Mozartiana International Mozart Festival , Gdansk, Poland

Matthias Schulz has been responsible for the artistic sphere and business management of the Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation since 1 March 2012. Bearing in mind that changing views of timeless art open up new approaches and fresh food for thought, he is evolving programmes and ideas.

Straight up, this is my " TWTIES"( The Worst Thing I Ever Smelled). I have it and I hate it. I can't even bring myself to spray it on my skin or clothes because I'm in such fear of the full smell. I think my mother may have worn it and I didnt like it. I love perfumes so to say this one scares me and it's the only scent I've ever been too afraid to spray on me , tells me this is the Queen Beast of fragrances. On a side note, I loved Elizabeth Taylor. She was one of the most beautiful women ever.

While Wolfgang was young, his family made several European journeys in which he and Nannerl performed as child prodigies. These began with an exhibition in 1762 at the court of Prince-elector Maximilian III of Bavaria in Munich, and at the Imperial Courts in Vienna and Prague. A long concert tour followed, spanning three and a half years, taking the family to the courts of Munich, Mannheim , Paris, London, [15] The Hague , again to Paris, and back home via Zurich, Donaueschingen , and Munich. [ citation needed ] During this trip, Wolfgang met a number of musicians and acquainted himself with the works of other composers. A particularly important influence was Johann Christian Bach , whom he visited in London in 1764 and 1765. The family again went to Vienna in late 1767 and remained there until December 1768.

Infine penso che la libreria on-line dell’IHS sia una ottima opportunità
per diffondere ad un prezzo molto ragionevole la musica e la didattica."

Simply adopting Germanic principles of formal musical organization was not going to solve the problem. Not only did Russian music refuse to cooperate with them but neither did the Russian creative mind. As Modest Mussorgsky phrased it, "The German, when he thinks, will first examine and explore , then make his conclusion: our [Russian] brother will first make his conclusion , then amuse himself with examination and exploration." [14] Tchaikovsky's exposure to and love of Russian folk-song, according to Cooper, "formed the background for all his other music experience, a subconscious musical atmosphere in which all other musical experiences were saturated," [15] and Brown notes that Tchaikovsky's "natural ability to think in terms of organic symphonic procedures"—in other words, in the ability to "examine and explore, then make his conclusion"—"was certainly limited." [16] The situation was not merely one of preoccupation with cause over effect, Brown writes, but also of an inability to connect cause with effect. "For just as it seems difficult for the Russian musical theorist to apply his active, controlled intelligence to the scrutiny of an imaginitive concept," he adds, "so it seems difficult for the Russian composer to harness his active, controlled intelligence to the unfolding of that imaginitive concept—as Bach had done so pre-eminently in the fugue, or the classical masters in the symphony." [17]

Passion by Elizabeth Taylor is a Oriental fragrance for women. Passion was launched in 1988. Top notes are aldehydes, artemisia, coriander, gardenia, be...

Various MozartianaVarious MozartianaVarious MozartianaVarious Mozartiana