Various mahleriana

Most surprisingly and inexplicably, Natalie, only 16½ years old, married in Vienna on 27 December 1875 the 39-year-old widower, Professor, Dr. ph. Alexander Bauer (1836-1921), whose first wife (Emilie, born Russell) had died from pneumonia on 22 March 1874, only one day after she had given birth to her third daughter (cf. Wiener Zeitung , , p. 8). The two other children were eleven and eight years old, respectively. It has therefore been speculated by Danish Mahler-scholar, Knud Martner, that the last-born daughter, christened Wilhelmina or Minnie , was in fact the illegitimate child of young Natalie. (By comparing photographs of Bauer-Lechner and the young Minnie Bauer, their features look strikingly similar, and she looks quite different from her two older sisters.)

RIO (rock in opposition) transcribed for acoustic quartet (flute bass clarinet, violin, cello)
works by Fred Frith, Univers Zero and original compositions

Snake eating its tail

Norrgarden Nyvla

Various Mahleriana