The welderz confrontation e.p

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That which from the mineral into swayings
piles up through orbital fire, bores into basis,
veins itself with drink, sheathes with callus,
here shades the ant. That which diameters
darkness turpentining manifest push.
Which from Gothic morphs through tensegrity
to floating feelers sucking in carbon and oozing
isotopes of Greek Fire, trading lung waste
for jet fuel. That which coffers the trousseau
of Maria de’ Medici and Lincoln’s bones.
The seven lamps of architecture kindle
and extinguish along its resinous
radius. That which declares itself single
and integral, defending the eld, paneling
boardrooms and catafalques,
tendrils here through anchorage.
Spindles territory into maps. Seethes with camphor.
Ties off the below with azure in a frondy tourniquet
loosened only by storm or chainsaw.
Cantilevering moons, it breathes out. Spining
suns with pond-rippled calendars, it breathes in.
Has no image of itself save its seed.
Will light out for Norway in the Big Heat
while stemming farther into the mountain. Will. And thus is.

The Welderz Confrontation E.PThe Welderz Confrontation E.PThe Welderz Confrontation E.PThe Welderz Confrontation E.P