Whichwhat - i wanna be free

If so, you probably find it difficult to be satisfied and content with life. If we can’t change a situation or an outcome our best option is to learn how to accept it and deal with it.

Jerry Jeff Walker — vocals, guitar
John Inmon — guitar, vocals
Robert Livingston — bass, keyboards, vocals
Kelly Dunn — organ
Gary P. Nunn — keyboards, vocals
Donny Dolan — drums
David Briggs — keyboards
Norbert Putnam — bass
Weldon Myrick — guitar, steel guitar
Dave Perkins — guitar
James Baker — trombone
Dr. Patterson Barrett — steel guitar
Karen Brooks — vocals
Vassar Clements — violin
Ron Cobb — saxophone
Hondo Crouch — vocals
Ray Wylie Hubbard — vocals
Steve Keith — violin
Leo LeBlanc — steel guitar
Donald McClure — keyboards
Willie Nelson — guitar, vocals
Shari Neuwelt — vocals
Charles John Quarto — vocals
Bobby Rambo — bass, guitar, vocals
Tomás Ramírez — wind
Bee Spears — bass
Herb Steiner — steel guitar
Susan Walker — vocals
Homer Willis — harmonica
Freddie «Steady» Krc — drums, percussion, vocals
Michael Brovsky — producer

Whichwhat - I Wanna Be Free