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Use this white Omega VRT350W vertical masticating juicer to juice a wide variety of products! This unit's innovative vertical desi ... gn allows you to squeeze rather than grind foods for maximum juice extraction from items as hard as carrots or as fine as wheatgrass. With the ability to preserve naturally occurring nutrients in freshly squeezed juices, this juicer features a hard, durable auger and crushing ribs. Plus, its compact design and attractive appearance make it a convenient choice for your kitchen or trendy juice Dimensions: Width: 7 Inch Depth: 8 1/2 Inch Height: 15 1/2 Inch read more

With the versatility to create nut butters and baby food, work as a pasta and soy milk extruder, or even serve as a grinder for co ... ffee beans and herbs, this Omega J8005 masticating juice extractor does so much more than extract fresh juice from fruits and vegetables! This black and chrome juicer features a built-in reverse function to prevent clogging and automatically ejects pulp into a separate container for easy, continuous unit has a 1/3 HP, 3600 RPM motor that gears down to 2 HP, 80 RPM, allowing this juicer to chew through plant fibers and penetrate membranes to extract the fullest taste and highest values of vitamins and minerals from foods such as wheatgrass, carrots, and more. Its stone mill-type auger is made of FDA-approved melamine for superior durability and performance. This juicer has an electrical rating of Dimensions: Width: 6 1/2 Inch Depth: 14 1/2 Inch Height: 15 1/2 Inch read more