Bellwether seven and six

This verdict is the second entered against the device makers in a total of three bellwether trials brought forward in the federal multidistrict litigation (MDL), Harris Martin reported. The first bellwether involved just one plaintiff and ended with a defense win. The second bellwether trial involved the consolidation of five plaintiffs from Texas. Their award was ultimately $150 million. The original award of $502 million was capped in compliance with Texas laws on punitive damage award amounts, according to Law360. The six plaintiffs in this bellwether are from California; therefore, the jury award is not subject to the cap. The next bellwether is scheduled to begin in September 2017 and is expected to include 10 plaintiffs from New York.

Bellwether Seven And SixBellwether Seven And SixBellwether Seven And SixBellwether Seven And Six