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If you want to grow ground nuts they can be started from seed or tuber. Oddly, while one finds groundnuts in water-logged soil they grow best under cultivation in well-drained soil. To quote Purdue’s new crop proceedings of 1990:

So in summary, straight from the manufacturer’s mouth so to speak, a summary of using the Frixion pens on fabric:
1.      Frixion pens combine gel ink and thermo ink. You are marking your quilt with a gel pen that disappears.
2.      The marks will  reappear if the quilt gets cold (anything below freezing I think-I did not confirm the specific temperature) unless the mark is completely removed with an ink remover. Even after a thorough steam of the marks, they will reappear in the cold. This is part of the inherent chemistry of the ink combination.
3.      To completely remove the ink so that it will not ghost or reappear in the cold, you will need an ink remover and also may possibly need to scrub the area. The manufacturer has tested Amodex and Mötsenböcker’s Lift-Off 3 and found them to be fairly effective in removing the ink.
4.      Frixion pens sometimes leave a ghost mark after steaming. This is the thermo ink showing on the quilt, not the gel. The Pilot rep said to rid the piece of ghost marks you would need to treat it with the ink removers listed above.

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The ./So In Style characters are largely unrelated to the Barbie character continuity, except for text on the packaging that describes the Grace character moving to Chicago, away from her friend Barbie in Malibu.

5 Day RYA Course

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Skipper - Wet 2Skipper - Wet 2Skipper - Wet 2Skipper - Wet 2