The velvet underground praise ye the lord

In the beginning, the Strokes definitely drew from the vibe of the Velvets. I listened to Loaded all the time when we started the band, while I was writing my first songs. For four solid months, it was just Loaded and this Beach Boys greatest-hits record, Made in the . A lot of our guitar tones are based on what Reed and Sterling Morrison did. I honestly wish we could have copied them more. We didn't come close enough. But that was cool, because it became more of our own thing. Which is something else I got from the Velvets. They taught me just to be myself.

early 14c., probably from Old Provençal veluet , from Vulgar Latin *villutittus , diminutive of Vulgar Latin villutus "velvet," literally "shaggy cloth," from Latin villus "shaggy hair, nap of cloth, tuft of hair," probably a dialectal variant of vellus "fleece."

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В 1965 году менеджером группы стал знаменитый художник Энди Уорхол , предложивший группе использовать в качестве вокалистки на некоторых песнях свою протеже, певицу немецкого происхождения Нико . Репутация Уорхола помогла группе достигнуть ещё большей известности; более того, именно он помог группе заключить контракт с лейблом Verve Records , формально значась « продюсером », а фактически даровав The Velvet Underground возможность создать тот звук, который будет устраивать их. Благодаря Уорхолу группа также стала участвовать в мультимедиашоу Exploding Plastic Inevitable , в котором использовалась их музыка; шоу включало видео и иллюстрации, сделанные Уорхолом. Несколько месяцев это шоу устраивало свои представления в Нью-Йорке, а потом совершило тур по США и Канаде . Последний раз его инсталляция произошла в мае 1967 года.

School gymnasiums were not the ideal venue for the band. "We were so loud and horrifying to the high school audience that the majority of them – teachers, students and parents – fled screaming," Cale says in American Masters . Instead, Aronowitz found them a residency in a Greenwich Village club, the Café Bizarre. Its name was something of a misnomer, as neither the owners nor the handful of customers appreciated the way-out sounds. In a half-hearted attempt at assimilation, the group added some rock standards to their repertoire. "We got six nights a week at the Café Bizarre, some ungodly number of sets, 40 minutes on and 20 minutes off," Morrison described in a 1990 interview. "We played some covers – 'Little Queenie,' 'Bright Lights Big City' … the black R&B songs Lou and I liked – and as many of our own songs as we had."

In 1978, aficionados Mike "MC" Kostek and Phil Milstein started the Velvet Underground Appreciation Society, which collected, cataloged and made available various rarities. [6] They also published a fanzine titled "What Goes On", and later on a newsletter titled "What Goes On Jr." [7]

The Velvet Underground Praise Ye The LordThe Velvet Underground Praise Ye The LordThe Velvet Underground Praise Ye The LordThe Velvet Underground Praise Ye The Lord