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Salsa Central
Two of the city's best-known salsa clubs carry the name León, as in "lion," and the king of the jungle is singer Pepe Arévalo. For 42 years he's been setting the tone for tropical music. As he explained, "There is no such thing as salsa. That's a marketing invention. What there is is mambo, cumbia, danzón, cha-cha, plena, bomba, and so on. Salsa clubs used to have a bad reputation; I take some credit for changing that."
Bar León 5 República de Brasil, Centro; 52-5/510-3093. The real thing. When they check patrons for weapons, you know they find some. The place jumps with live music and good dancing.
El Gran León 225 Calle Querétaro, Colonia Roma; 52-5/564-7110. Same atmosphere as the original Bar León but bigger.
Salón México Segundo Callejón de San Juan de Dios and Pensador Mexicano; 52-5/518-0931. Decorated like the set of Metropolis, it caters to a crowd of ballroom dancers and intellectuals.

Hongxinglu: (close to Chunxilu) dozens of shopping malls of luxury goods; World Center : biggest building in the world with several hotels, one cinema, hundreds of restaurants, one skating rink, one aqua park and an artificial beach, two shopping malls, one supermarket etc. inside this building

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Various - Calle BrasilVarious - Calle BrasilVarious - Calle BrasilVarious - Calle Brasil