Various oda a la alegría

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He was the voice actor of Aku , the main antagonist in the animated series Samurai Jack (of which the actor was also given a posthumous credit as the villain's voice-over narration of the original intro [Seasons 1-4] in the final episode ["Episode CI"]), both Achoo (a parody of Aku) and the annoying alarm clock known as Happy Cat in Duck Dodgers , the introductory voice for the ending theme of Dexter's Laboratory and Iroh in Avatar: The Last Airbender . He died in the middle of the second season, and would later have an episode dedicated to him in season two ("The Tales of Ba Sing Se"). He had a guest appearance in the Nickelodeon movie Rugrats in Paris: The Movie as the boss of Coco. He guest-starred in The West Wing episode " A Good Day " as an economics professor and former rival of President Bartlet .

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Various Oda A La Alegría