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Denis began his career at The McDonald’s Corporation, becoming President of McDonald’s Europe in 2005 where he was responsible for 6,600 restaurants in 40 countries. He was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Accor ., the worldwide hotel group, until 2013. Denis is currently also a non-executive director of Eurostar International Limited and the John Lewis Partnership.

In its call-and-response singing set to ostinato-based rhythms played on two or three squat drums ( barriles ), bomba resembles other neo-African genres in the Caribbean. Of clear African provenance is its format in which a single person emerges from an informal circle of singers to dance in front of the drummers, engaging the lead drummer in a sort of playful duel; after dancing for a while, that person is then replaced by another. While various such elements can be traced to origins in Africa or elsewhere, bomba must be regarded as a local Afro-Puerto Rican creation. Its rhythms (. seis corrido, yubá, leró , etc.), dance moves, and song lyrics that sometimes mimic farm animals(in Spanish, with some French creole words in eastern Puerto Rico) collectively constitute a unique Puerto Rican genre.

La Noche de San Juan es una festividad de origen pagano, no muy antiguo que suele ir ligada a encender hogueras o fuegos, ligada con las celebraciones en la que se festejaba la llegada del solsticio de verano , pese a que éste es el 21 de junio, en el hemisferio norte, cuyo rito principal consiste en encender una hoguera. La finalidad de este rito era "dar más fuerza al sol", que a partir de esos días, iba haciéndose más "débil" —los días se van haciendo más cortos hasta el solsticio de invierno—. Simbólicamente el fuego también tiene una función "purificadora" en las personas que lo contemplaban. Se celebra en muchos puntos de Europa , aunque está especialmente arraigada en España , Portugal (Fogueiras de São João), Noruega (Jonsok), Dinamarca (Sankthans), Suecia (Midsommar), Finlandia (Juhannus), Estonia (Jaanipäev) y Reino Unido (Midsummer). En América Latina, Brasil tiene Festas Juninas, en Bolivia , Chile , Ecuador , Paraguay , Perú , Venezuela y Puerto Rico , la noche de San Juan. La noche de San Juan está, así mismo, relacionada con antiquísimas tradiciones y leyendas españolas como la Leyenda de la Encantada .

Imre Széchényi (1825-98) was a Hungarian diplomat and composer noted for his dance music--you know, sort of like Johann Strauss, Jr and that crowd. The music on this disc consists of polkas and mazu...   Continue Reading

Over the next ten years, online retail will gain even more importance than expected so far - not just in developed countries, but also in emerging markets. In four scenarios Deutsche Post DHL's  study "Global E-Tailing 2025" shows what the electronic world of shopping around the globe could look like in the near future.

Katherine Dunham pioneered the use of folk and ethnic dance as a basis for modern theatrical compositions. She built her distinguished career as both a dancer and choreographer, and on her academic research into the role of dance in African, Caribbean, and African American societies. Dunham pursued her interest in the origins of black dance at the University of Chicago where she earned a . in anthropology. In 1935 she received her first grant to study ethnic dance in Jamaica, Martinique, Trinidad, and Haiti. She especially loved Haiti and returned there many times. Participation in the depression-era Federal Theatre Project in Chicago offered Dunham an invaluable opportunity to experiment with her own folk ballets, such as L'Ag'Ya (1938), a dramatized version of a fighting dance from Martinique. Her company's New York debut in 1940 was an unqualified success, and her compositions were recognized as the first uniquely African American concert dance. Thereafter, Dunham enjoyed a long and varied career, choreographing and starring in numerous concert, theater, and film works. In 1965-66 she served as the technical cultural adviser for the First World Festival of Negro Arts in Senegal. Upon her return, she settled in East St. Louis, where she founded a combined cultural center, anthropological museum, and dance studio. The center offered local residents a curriculum of dance, psychology, anthropology, and languages. Dunham's legacy, however, is greater than any one neighborhood or culture. In her own words, "I would feel I'd failed miserably if I were doing dance confined to race, color, or creed. I don't think that would be art, which has to do with universal truths."

Michael serves as EVP/Vice President, Finance & Accounting for CVI.  He is responsible for management of accounting and finance, sales and business development, human resources and information technology.

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Various - DanzasVarious - DanzasVarious - DanzasVarious - Danzas