Various perfumes de la noche

For the girl who doesn't want to smell like everybody else. Notes of sea salt, cut greens (KALE?), cardamom, crushed fennel, and absinthe (OH YES). 

I spritzed this on at Belk the other day, and overdid it. To my nose, it wasn't as I remembered it from my college days in the late 70s. As it developed, there was a L'Heure Bleue vibe in it. And L'Origan. Both of these are better than Oscar to me. I'd like to try the E'sprit version though.

All the excitement of pulling apart that silky white bow and opening that iconic blue box—bottled into a musky floral scent.

I have used some of her favorites. There is supposedly another one called ISIS – blend of white roses that was made for her specifically. Is this true?

Perfumes Loewe draws its inspiration from the passionate and sensual character of Spain. Its philosophy is anchored in this fusion of the varied and contrasting aspects of its cultural heritage. Vitality, unpredictability and audacity are therefore integral to the House’s creations. Perfumes Loewe attributes major importance to the “sensuality of the senses”: its fragrances are for smelling but also for touching. The design and materials used to make the bottles are an essential element in the creative process. As a result, the House offers a complete sensory experience by crafting objects, but also unique spaces, boutiques where craftsmanship and modernity blend in harmony, giving prominence to high-quality materials such as wood, leather, gold, crystal and metal.

Various Perfumes De La NocheVarious Perfumes De La NocheVarious Perfumes De La NocheVarious Perfumes De La Noche